All people are valuable. The value of every human being is intrinsic and is not dependent upon achievements or human striving. Society, culture, families and life in general can create a tremendous amount of personal stress. Life is very challenging even when things are going well. Tragedy, trauma and stress occurs regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, intellect or education.

At times, every person experiences undesired emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed. In today’’s world there are myriad helpful resources available. Some people seek the counsel of a friend; others read self-help books, some join peer support groups, others seek the spiritual guidance of clergy and a number of people seek counseling therapy from a professional (many people combine several of these resources).  Whatever the circumstance, counselling can be a valuable source of support aiding in emotional healing, increased self esteem and personal growth.

As dedicated Marriage and Family Therapists, we love the process of counselling therapy and feel privileged to join with people in their life’’s journey. We take a collaborative approach to therapy, whereby we join with clients in their journey of discovery to a more significant life. We believe that the client is the expert in his/her life. Counsellors have expertise in helping clients identify harmful life patterns and to identify and move toward living a life that is meaningful and deeply satisfying.  All people have the capacity to experience transformational change in their life