Even in ideal situations, relationships are challenging. Over the years, evidence shows that counselling helps couples sort through their troubling issues in a more positive way and it increases appreciation and contentment in marriages. When couples come to a place where there is heightened and recurring stress in their relationship, couples counselling can be a very helpful tool to identify and restore emotional healing and learn helpful communication skills that brings positive growth and needed change.

Some common issues that bring couples to counselling are marital infidelity, addiction, parenting differences, parenting challenges, in-law troubles, and financial stress; and, this list is certainly not exhaustive because there are many other reasons that couples seek counselling. Whatever the problems couples are experiencing, it is important for them to know that they are not alone and even the most satisfying relationship experiences difficulties at some time.

In today’s culture with the high rate of divorce and relationship breakups, couple counselling is needed more than ever. There is a powerful unspoken message in society that supports divorce as a solution to on-going difficulties. Of course, it is acknowledged that some times divorce is the best option for the situation. None the less, studies show that marriages that have survived troubled times, where partners have experienced the freedom to work through personal issues, they come out stronger and healthier and grateful for the effort of persevering through the challenging times.