Group counselling is a very effective source for personal growth.  Groups typically consist of four to twelve people.  Because all people are in contact with others who have a variety of personalities, group therapy presents a microcosm of the society we live in.  By participating in  group counselling, individuals have the opportunity to explore their reactions and interactions with various personality types.  Group members have the unique opportunity to learn how different perspectives, personalities and life experiences influence how we see the world, how we understand others and ourselves, how we relate to family, etc.

A group of people from a particular workplace or neighborhood may seek group therapy to sort out areas of conflict and struggle.  Contact the counselling office to arrange group therapy sessions of this nature.

Drop-in group therapy sessions are available at various times of year depending on the need in the community.   Drop in sessions are at a lower hourly rate per individual and are more affordable for the individual than private counselling sessions.

For more information about dates and times please contact the office at 250 703 1558 to schedule an intake appointment with one of the counselors (this is a prerequisite to group participation and the cost is $85 for a one-hour session).


Women’’s Group Thursday Evenings

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Starting: Will resume in September 2012
Cost: $30/session
Theme: The meta-goal for this group is to empower women to live their best, healthiest and most satisfying life.

Format: The group follows a very informal structure allowing individual group members to develop and experience personal growth at their own pace.

The following is a list of topics/goals that will be attended to in the group:

Develop skills in building relationships
Develop confidence
Find healing from past life events
Discover and let go of harmful coping strategies
Cultivate life skills that nurture harmony and acceptance of others
Be your best in times of stress
Increase awareness
Establish life goals
Explore family patterns