Individuals often seek counselling because they are encountering particular challenges in their personal lives that are affecting their day-to-day well-being.  Typically, the challenges that lead people to seek counselling affect their social, occupational and/or family life.

The issues may be severe and involve surviving trauma, the death of a loved one, learning to live with a debilitating health condition.

It is also common for people to seek counselling when they desire personal character development and growth.

Issues such as anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, living with intense stress, feelings of low self-worth, phobias, living with generalized fear and addictions are issues that  frequently bring people to individual counselling.

Many people have found greater personal freedom, increased awareness, developed life skills and have experienced positive transformational change through the process of individual counselling.  The overall goal for individual counselling is to improve the individual’s quality of life.