MFT Intended for All People

Marriage and Family Therapy is Intended for All People

Family Systems Theory was built upon attachment theory which holds that all people have a strong need to connect emotionally with others; the first of these relationships being children to their parents, sibling to sibling and then a new cycle of adult to adult when the child is grown and finds a partner. Various levels of anxiety exist within family relationships and no one within the family system acts in complete isolation. All behavior causes a reaction in others or is in response to the action of another member from that system. Most people are much less autonomous than they are aware of.   Every person’s way of viewing themselves and the world around them has been shaped by familial relationships.  Even when a person removes himself/herself from a familial relationship, the relationship continues to have an impact on the individual.  In this way, the discipline of Marriage and Family Therapy is a valid therapy for all people; whether single, married or living with family.