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I am continuously humbled and inspired by the intimate work of therapy.

It is an honor to walk together with another towards their more desired experience of life.

In my opinion, making changes can be easy and motivating, given the right atmosphere.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised to discover that humour and creative playfulness can be a powerfully effective component of making rapid, positive changes in evidence-based psychotherapy treatment.

I provide counselling primarily in the Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment  (ACT) therapy traditions, applying advanced mindfulness-based approaches and encouraging self-compassion. 

As a clinician coming from a strong literary background, I engage creative narratives, metaphors and analogies to assist in making sense of and transforming issues presented in therapy. Using the creative parts of the mind can often assist in fresh perspectives that help us feel less stuck.

I approach therapy with a Trauma-Informed lens, and when appropriate I will suggest treating symptoms of PTSD and Anxiety with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as encourage you to deepen your relationship with felt sense in your own body, because trauma manifests in physical sensations and tensions that we are often unconscious of.

Thank you for listening, for your beautiful insights, for giving me the opportunity to grow without any judgment.

Lara has such a kind and caring heart, she instantly puts you at ease.

So grateful for Lara’s compassion and respectful manner, she really helped me navigate challenges, and live closer to my values.

My Masters is in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Psychology from Simon Fraser University. I have been trained in the use of ACT, CBT, and DBT interventions, as well as in Trauma Informed Yoga, EMDR and Solution Focused Counselling. I also hold a specialized designation in Vocational Rehabilitation, working with individuals adjusting to life-altering health changes and disabilities.

The people I serve are primarily individual adults to address:

  • mood disorders
  • low self-esteem
  • emotional regulation
  • boundaries and interpersonal communication
  • compulsions
  • AD(H)D
  • PTSD
  • life transitions
  • identity questioning
  • body image issues
  • adjustment to health changes
  • childhood attachment ruptures, and
  • navigating through grief and loss.

Distinctly, I serve survivors of complex historical trauma, with the focus on establishing a very safe therapeutic dynamic as a foundation for lasting treatment gains. I will happily produce formal counselling needs assessment reports and treatment plans when requested.

I enjoy a quiet life of deep connection to the natural world, esthetic splendour, exploring, play and rich bonding with all of my loved ones. I value authenticity, uniqueness and humility.

Some approaches and lenses that always influence my work in counselling psychology are:

  • Neurobiology -how our physical, biological processes intersect with our mood fluctuations
  • Neuroplasticity– the brain’s ability to change structure and heal itself
  • Post-Traumatic Growth– how do we thrive and re-emerge after life-altering challenges?
  • Strengths-Based Treatment– constantly recognizing the client’s unique gifts and strengths
  • Semantics: the power of the words we choose and how we label our experiences
  • Diversity and Neurodiversity– we all belong and bring value, and we are all uniquely wired.

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