Rachel Dilley,

M.Ed., PhD, MSc, RCC


Life transitions
Identity and self-esteem issues 
Relationship issues 
Panic attacks 
Complex trauma
Emotions and emotional regulation 
Gender identity 
Disordered eating and eating disorders
Minority stress
Interpersonal conflict 
Intergeneration trauma
Loneliness and isolation 
Suicide ideation 
Medical trauma
Stress and burn-out
Family estrangement
Grief and loss

Rachel works from an understanding that counselling is a journey and journeys take us somewhere, sometimes to places we never even knew we needed to be. Wherever you want to start, whatever pace you want to take, and wherever the journey leads you, Rachel will be there beside you; listening, caring, and gently inviting you to develop a deeper understanding of the ways you feel, think, and behave. She will help you discover hidden strengths and new perspectives that will deepen your connection to yourself and your loved ones. Rachel knows this journey takes great courage and honours this courage. Together you will form a team, each bringing invaluable knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the therapeutic relationship.

Nature is a great teacher, and it’s Rachel’s passion for incorporating nature into the change process that led her to specialize in Nature-Based Therapy (NBT). As well as traditional office-based talk therapy, Rachel offers NBT as a creative and experiential therapeutic alternative. NBT can help foster a sense of belonging within family, community, self, and the natural world. With nature as our co-therapist, we open ourselves to learning from our broader ecological systems, building greater awareness of our internal and external lives, and our connectedness to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Nature-Based Therapy uses exploration, discovery, guided sensory awareness, and somatic approaches to restoration and regulation. NBT is suitable for individual, relationship, and family therapy.

With the understanding that creating change in our lives and our relationships can happen differently for different people, Rachel uses an integrative approach to therapy, drawing on the latest evidence-based research and counselling theories. She specifically focuses on Emotion Focused Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (relationships/couples), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, somatic and strength-based approaches, Narrative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. This diversity of knowledge and experience means that she can select interventions that will work best for you.

Rachel is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (# 22544) and holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Rachel’s previous research career focused on gender, identity, health and well-being, outdoor recreation, equity, and life transitions. She has published widely in these areas and has an MSc. and a PhD in Gender Studies and Sociology. Coming from this background has made Rachel acutely aware that our social, cultural, political, and geographical environments are fundamentally connected to our mental and physical health. She works from an anti-oppressive stance and has undertaken training in counselling Indigenous peoples and decolonizing therapeutic practice. Rachel welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds and strives to practice cultural humility with every person she meets.