The First Session

Counselling sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration.  At the first counselling session you will be asked to complete an intake form that provides the therapist with pertinent information such as contact information, a brief client history and desired goals/reasons for attending counselling.

Some therapeutic work such as family therapy and family history genograms require one and a half to two hours per session.

Average Length of Treatment

The average length of treatment varies from a single one-hour session to weekly one-hour sessions over the course of several months.  Some people come to counselling with a very specific goal in mind.  They may be very aware of their personal issues, relational cycles etc. and find solutions very quickly.  Others may have a lifetime of severe trauma and effective therapy may continue weekly for up to a year or more.

The usual pattern is to begin counselling with weekly one-hour sessions and when desired change begins to occur, sessions are reduced to bi-weekly, then monthly and finally a few follow-up sessions may be scheduled. The schedule and frequency are mutually agreed upon by therapist and client.  At times, the client may disagree with the therapist about the frequency of visits and the therapist will follow what works best for the client.

Fees for Service

Comox Valley Counselling follows the Fee Schedule Guidelines as defined by our governing body, the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Fees are therefore based on a 50 minute session, plus GST.

The standard BCACC rate for individuals is $120.00 per session and $125.00 per couple.   Please contact your counsellor directly to discuss fees.

At CVC, we believe that fees should never prevent you from seeing a therapist. Sliding fee scale are available for those in challenging financial situations. Please contact your counsellor directly to discuss fees.

*Payment is due at the time of service and is payable by cheque, cash, Visa, Mastercard or eTransfer


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We are not able to receive payment via interac at this time.